Sooner Driver Ranjit Bains


Our staff attaches great importance to providing the best possible transport service for our customers. That’s why we strive to find the best and efficient solution that best suits your needs. Our drivers are professional and value great service.  We pride ourselves on providing the best transport  services currently available in Australia.  Let us introduce to you one of our fabulous drivers. 




Ranjez or Silverfox


Heavy Combination (Sterling Road Ranger) – Love the Big Kenworth Rigs Too


Nutrition and lifestyle change is high on my agenda and my love and passion for being a gym goer.  

About Me

I started driving and working as a subcontractor in my early twenties in the UK for various transport companies, as well as running my own entertainment business.  It always fascinated me to be able to drive a heavy combination truck and the skill set it requires to reverse the trailer in and out of some very awkward spaces.  I found this challenging and scary at first until I cracked the pivot and set up position of the prime mover and trailer.

I got my forklift license in 2020 in Australia, again another accreditation I had always wanted to achieve.   I have also invested in weekend courses to help me achieve my goals.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and follow anything Star Wars related and I have subscribed to many Star Wars fan pages.  I even named my son Anakin and my youngest daughter has (Leia) as her middle name.  I have the biggest collection of Star Wars memorabilia but at the moment, the boss of the house (my beloved partner) has said no space for spaceships.

I so want my own man cave.

HC Driver at Sooner Transport